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Hedge & Plant Installation

A proper hedge installation is the start of healthy and lush hedges and shrubs. Time and attention is necessary to carefully cultivate solid and well-branched hedges that can maintain their shape despite various weather conditions.

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Our certified and experienced team addresses any installation questions and their attention to detail ensures that a hedge installation takes the first time attempted. Coastal Shores stands by their hedge installation work with a 100% guarantee. You can trust us to get your hedge installation done right.

Hedges serve various functions within a garden or property. Solid and healthy hedges and shrubs:

  • Offer a visual complement to garden themes and property structures;

  • Provide a natural means of creating privacy;

  • Give property owners an additional layer of security;

  • Create separate spaces for various uses within a garden design; and

  • Add additional curb appeal to a home or property.

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Interested in Hedge or Plant Installation?

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